The Skin Project is a collective of suspension practitioners and artists from around the world. Our focus is to create immersive, large scale art installations that explore body suspension as an art medium.

Merging our various skills, we collaborate together to explore the journey and experience of suspension, so that we can present it in a positive, creative light, while conveying complex conceptual messages.

Photo & Lighting has been photographing The Skin Project since its first event. Based out of NYC, he has been photographing a vast spectrum of content for over a decade.

  • Porter Cycles NYC

Porter Cycles
Fabrication, Collaborator

William Thomas Porter is one of the more recent collaborators with The Skin Project. Current collab involves exploring the fusion of body suspension with his immersive art installation piece, "Resonant Body: Song of the Heart." It primarily explores cymatics by way of transducing the sound created by the human heart,  into ripples across a pool of suspended water. 


A supporter and sponsor of body modification globally, provides education for body modification professionals, in addition to the highest quality products for the piercing industry. 

  • Anchors Aweigh Body Suspension NYC

Anchors Aweigh Suspension

An NYC based body suspension group, Anchors Aweigh provides safe, intimate experiences for both first timers, and seasoned suspendees. They accept private session bookings through their website.

  • Old Crow Scenic & Rigging

Old Crow Scenic & Rigging
Rigging & Fabrication

Based out of NY, OCSR provides comprehensive rigging solutions, custom carpentry and fabrication for residential, commercial, theatrical, film, and events of all kinds. 

  • Tethys Music

Tethys Music
Audio Wizard & Sound

Tethys is the newest addition to The Skin Project. He has brought an entirely new dimension of live sound to our installations. Full bio here;

  • Golden Eagle Body Piercing

Golden Eagle Body Piercing
Sponsor, Production

Golden Eagle Body Piercing is a piercing-only studio featuring all high quality jewelry. Owned and operated by proud APP Member: Josh Parkhurst

  • Hooked Suspension Mecca


Host of the Omaha Suspension Conferece, "Mecca," Hooked has been a sponsor of The Skin Project since its inception, and continues to support the collective with dedication. It is also one of the most reputable suspension groups in Mid-West USA. 

  • Indigenak Body Modification

Indigenak Body Modification
Rigging & Production

Based out of Spain, Indigenak provides piercing, heavier body modification, performance art, and metal fabrication services. Additionally, they design and craft their own body jewelry line.

  • Smart Department Fabrication NYC

Smart Department Fabrication, NYC
Fabrication, Event Space

"It's not enough to simply bring your badass ideas to life, at Smart Department we like to outdo your expectations. Fine furniture, bar and restaurant design, custom lighting, and even fiberglass lotus flowers are just a few areas we work in. No question is too crazy, no concept is out of the question."

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